VEMO scientists and technicians provide the crucial laboratory support you need to help run your business and meet product research, development, and quality goals. We analyse wide variety of biological samples, ranging from raw materials to finished products. For that purpose, we develop and validate methods for extraction, quantification and analysis according to the newest worldwide guidelines. Our high-tech instrumentation allows us to perform numerous tests, providing for quality, quantity, purity and activity insight into your products.

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of manufacturing herbal and enzyme-based products, we have the expertise to know when and how to appropriately apply our wide variety of knowledge, assisting you in reaching your goals.

Analytical services we provide

  • Enzyme analysis

    testing and consultation

  • Stability testing

    in different climate conditions (ICH, ongoing)

  • Microbiological testing

  • Physical-chemical testing

  • Quality control of active substances

    in bulk and finished products

  • Validation and revalidation

    of analytical methods

Our Instrumentation

  • UltiMate 3000 HPLC (Thermo Scientific) – High Performance Liquid Chromatography is considered one of the most powerful tools in analytical chemistry used to separate, identify, and quantify compounds in a variety of materials. We are applying this technique for determination and quantification of a wide variety of substances in raw materials, like botanicals, extracts and end-customer dietary supplements, testing for concentration and purity;
  • Spectramax 190 Microplate Reader (Molecular Devices) – For determination of enzyme activity, while measuring absorption, fluorescence, luminescence; detection of chloramphenicol in enzymes
  • LAMBDA 365 Spectrophotometer UV Express – Our lab uses UV/VIS spectroscopy for measuring enzyme kinetics, solvent analysis, quantification of DNA and proteins, USP method compliance. It is also used to quantify organic compounds in natural products and dietary supplements. Working modes: photometric, spectral, quantifying, kinetic, multicomponent quantifying mode – quantification of up to 8 components at a time;
  • Drying Oven Kenton GX-40/70/130 – Used in drying process, sterilization, thermostatic storage, heat treatment and other fields;
  • pH Meters – 913 Metrohm; PHM – 80/82 (Radiometer A/C);
  • pH Electrodes – Electrode, Viscotrode;
  • Table Top Centrifuge TDL-40B;
  • HY-200 Lab Test Sieve For Particle Size Analysis – Separation of particles with mesh sizes from 1.18 mm to 0.125 mm, allowing for accurate sampling and analyzing of different materials;
  • Moisture Analyzer METTLER TOLEDO HE73 – For determining the moisture content of wide variety of products to maintain quality and ensure optimum shelf-life. Halogen heater with temperature range of 50 – 200oС. Result accuracy – 0.01%;
  • Environmental Test Chamber KG-150 – For product stability studies and climatic tests, generating exceptional control and uniformity of both temperature and humidity;
  • Density Tester BT-301 – For determination of bulk powder density. The instrument is in accordance with the national standards GB/T21354-2008 and the USP;
  • Precision Balance METTLER TOLEDO ME2002T – 2200 g capacity, 0.01 g readability;
  • Analytical Balance METTLER TOLEDO ME204T – 220 g capacity, 0.1 mg readability;
  • Laboratory Vacuum Pump (KFN LABOPORT®) – Filter mesh 0.45 µm and diameter 47 mm;