VemoZyme_W_cellulolytic_enzyme_lipases_ amylases_xylanase
VemoZymе® W is a pure cellulolytic enzyme preparation developed especially for bakery applications:
  • Reduces viscosity of baked products
  • For getting optimal results in breadmaking
  • Reduces dough stickiness
  • Improves crumb softness
  • Removal of insoluble arabinoxylans


VemoZymе® W is widely used as dough conditioner in normal bread making procedure, as well as viscosity reducing enzyme in some special baked product such as pancakes, waffles, donuts. VemoZymе® W is an enzyme which hydrolyzes cellulose molecules and releases usable glucose units. Industrial use of this enzyme is mostly in bakery production, as well as in other industries that require free glucose for the production and quality of the products.

The addition of VemoZymе® W in baked products leads to decrease of hardness by providing a softer crumb. VemoZymе® W is widely used because of its effectiveness in improvement of the baked products and good potential in reducing the viscosity of the dough.

VemoZymе® W in combination with lipases, amylases, xylanases can increase the quality of the product for getting optimal results.

  • Appearance

    Form – microgranule
    Colour – light beige to light brown

  • Activity

    min 20 000 U/g

  • Units of activity

    One unit of activity (U) is defined as the enzyme needed to liberate 1μmol reducing sugar (glucose) per minute from Na-CMC (carboxy methyl cellulose-sodium salt) at 50⁰C and pH 5.0.

  • Dosage

    0.5 – 5 g/100 kg flour (optimum dosage is subject to further bakery trials)

  • Shelf life

    24 months

  • Storage

    Store in cool and dry conditions, avoid direct sunlight.

  • Packaging

    VemoZymе® W is available in 20 kg PE bags, placed in cartons.



Glucose is the most useable molecule during different biochemical reactions in many food industries. Starch is not the only source of glucose. Glucose can be found in cellulose (arabinoxylans) which is the main structural component of plant cell walls. Cellulase is an effective enzyme that can cleave β 1-4 bonds in cellulose molecules and release useable glucose units. This enzyme is used in bakery industry and food processing. In the bakery industry, the glucose is used by yeast that are obliged for the quality of dough. Cellulase can be added to the flour to improve dough quality and shelf life of the product. Some of the most important properties of cellulase are reducing dough stickiness and improving crumb softness. Degradation of cellulose by this enzyme aids in absorption of water, especially when using dough made from wheat flour, resulting in increased viscosity of the dough and reduced stickiness. Cellulase can improve machinability by drying dough. Cellulase has good synergetic effect with other enzymes used in the bakery. Together with lipases, amylases, xylanases, it can increase the quality of the product with no doubt.