VemoZymе® I is an invertase enzyme preparation for obtaining inverted sugar syrup:
  • Increase the density of syrups containing sucrose as the essential constituent
  • Improving the consistency of fondants, glaze, etc.


Invertase has wide range of industrial applications, like the production of confectionery. VemoZyme® I is specially developed for obtaining inverted sugar syrup from sucrose. The main effect of VemoZyme® I is to obtain inverted syrup on a natural base.

  • Appearance

    Form – microgranule
    Colour – white

  • Activity

    Min 250 000 U/g

  • Units of activity

    One invertase unit is the quantity of enzyme, required to produce 1µmol inverted sugar for one minute at 45°С and рН 4.7.

  • Dosage

    50-150 g/t 60-65% sugar syrup at pH 4.5, T: 55oC, for 24-48 hours.

  • Shelf life

    24 months

  • Storage

    Store in cool and dry conditions, avoid direct sunlight.

  • Packaging

    VemoZymе® I is available in plastic containers, 500 g NET.


Sucrose (table sugar) has long been the world’s most commercial sugar. Aside from its availability in large amount and the comparative cheapness with which it can be produced, sucrose has certain advantages over some other sugars because of its sweetness, relatively low degree of hygroscopicity, crystal form, solubility, and crystallization. In addition to these favorable properties, sucrose may be readily hydrolyzed, leading to formation of invert sugar. Invertase catalyses the hydrolysis of sucrose and related glycosides is being one of the simplest commercial carbohydrases. When added to sucrose, invertase enzyme separates the sugar into its two components: glucose and fructose, commonly called “invert sugar” or “inverted sugar syrup”. The hydrolysis of sucrose which yields an equimolar mixture of glucose and fructose (invert syrup) is sweeter than sucrose due to the high degree of sweetness of fructose. Inverted sugar is usually used in trade baking and candy recipes because it keeps baked products moist for longer periods of time. When invertase is added to sugar candy recipes, it gradually liquefies the fondant. This is one way of producing the liquid center in candies. This enzyme also makes fondant appear smoother. Invertase enzyme is also used in production of alcoholic beverages, lactic acid, glycerol etc. In addition, inverted sugar syrup is used as bees’ food, providing the colonies with more energy. Thus, invertase can be used for the preparation of this syrup. Invertase is also part of many different natural processes. It is what helps bees transform nectar into honey. Invertase is naturally created by bees and it’s found in honey. It has been shown to naturally boost the immune system and can help with digestion and gut health.