How brave ideas win in times of crisis

Who and how will survive in the struggle for supremacy in times of crisis in the big ocean of the business world – Small or Big? Where is the secret of success? What are the prospects? How do brave ideas win in times of crisis? The current situation gives an even stronger push of the…

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FDA inspection at VEMO

Тhe United States Food and Drug Administration (U.S.FDA) conducted an inspection at VEMO 99 In May 2018. The inspection was conducted by an inspector from the U.S.FDA to determine if our firm and our Dietary Supplements products meet U.S. requirements under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and, if applicable, the Public Health Service Act.

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GMP certification and its importance

LRQA successfully certified Vemo 99 Ltd. (the first company in Bulgaria) according to the GMP + B3 standard (2007). GMP + B3 is a standard for good manufacturing practices for animal additives. Congratulations for the successful certification of Vemo 99 Ltd., which will enable the company to conquer new markets.

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Kosher certification

In September 2019, Vemo 99 Ltd was successfully re-certified according to the Kosher standard, which conforms that our high quality products comply with the strict dietary standards of traditional Jewish law.

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GMP+ Recertification

In August 2019, Vemo 99 Ltd was successfully re-certified according to the GMP (Good manufacturing practices) standard for animal feed additives. This give us a confidence that our high-quality products meet the high European market requirements. Thus, we have the opportunity to establish VEMO feed additive products as a standard of high quality on the market.

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Quality and Safety Policy

The management of VEMO 99 Ltd. is aware that the existence of the company, its stability and prosperity completely depend on its clients and thus, the company constantly develops in respect…

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